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Fancher Chair is a world class custom OEM wooden chair manufacturer
in the far western corner of New York State.
We are located between Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA. We make the chairs you want at a reasonable price. So what makes
Fancher Chair a world class manufacturer?

Our staff of over 100 employees has many years of wooden chair manufacturing experience. Some of our employees have been with the company for over 30 years and we have several second generation employees as well. Family is important to us!

Our facility dates back to 1807 and is continuing to operate this very day. The 125,000 square ft. building has been producing wooden chairs for the past 40 years.

Our flexibility in being adaptable to customer needs is very important to us! We produce small quantities of certain chair styles, and we produce large quantities in other styles. No order requirement is too small or too big. We always try to find a way to make whatever the order quantity is work for our customers.

The location of the company has greatly added to our success at Fancher Chair! We are located at the northwest end of the Allegany National Forest. This forest is known for having some of the finest maple, cherry, hickory, & oak trees in the entire world. We also have clear access to any other hardwoods available including walnut, birch, & European beech. We are in close proximity to interstates I-86 and I-90. This gives us easy access to all the truck lines which is important for customers and vendors alike.

The customization of chairs to the needs of the buyer makes us successful in the marketplace. Although we like repetitive orders of chair styles, we are not locked into them. We are willing to try new designs for our customers. Send us a CAD drawing, chair, picture, or sketch for a quote today!

Fancher Chair
P.O. Box 8
Falconer, NY 14733

Phone: 716-665-4313
Fax: 716-665-5168

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